Endego. Engineering development redefined. GO!

As a global partner and local leader, we specialize in the development of individual components as well as entire modules and systems for a broad range of industries, taking into account their integration in any given environment.

Why Endego?

Expert team
Our team consists of highly skilled professionals. They approach every project individually and tailor the product to the specific needs of each client. As such, we deliver results instead of promises and enhance our clients' business.
Out-of-the-box approach
The spirit of innovation is what drives us in every step of the way. Our products and services are designed with an in-built competitive edge, allowing our customers to be ahead of the competition.
We've been an integral part of the industry for over nine years. Our broad portfolio and extensive list of satisfied customers speak for themselves. The vast experience acquired over the years allows us to tackle every challenge with confidence and go beyond our clients’ expectations.
We have a long and impressive track record of project delivery. Working with us is a safe bet. Well-earned trust placed in us by our customers has brought us this far in such a short time.

Our values

Today’s business world is full of fancy slogans and complicated jargon. But at the end of the day, getting things done is at the core of every successful project. And this is where we come in. We bring the experience, the engagement and the dependability that are needed to see things through right to the end.

The measure of intelligence is the ability to change. We embrace this motto at every step of a project. Constantly evolving and innovating, thinking out of the box, adapting. Choosing us means adding clear value to your business, enhancing and elevating it to new heights.

Trusted by

Code of ethics

At Endego we strive to act consciously and with the utmost of respect for the values important to our employees, customers and stakeholders. By doing so, we are able to constantly better ourselves.

Relations built on trust and transparency are the foundation of every resilient business. This strength allows us to give back and contribute to the community.


Creating a healthy and safe work environment is of paramount priority to us. Our success is based on the skill and commitment of our employees and we want them to feel respected and heard. We strive to foster an atmosphere of mutual respect, trust and inspiration.


It is our ultimate goal to build long-lasting relations with all our customers and partners. Understanding their needs best, allows us to offer targeted development support, whenever needed. Transparency and dependability are essential to the way we approach every project and partnership.


We place a great emphasis on CSR-related issues. Thanks to the involvement of our employees, we are able to support various initiatives that create positive values. Not only do we support our local community – we are also involved in numerous charity events.


For us, acting responsible towards the environment is not a burden but a welcome duty. We actively look for opportunities to minimize our impact on the environment and create a sustainable mindset in order to lead by example.

EU Grants

Over the years, due to our constant pursuit for innovation, we have awarded grants to engage in ground-breaking research and development.

Project: Launch of an R&D Center dedicated to the automotive industry

The project aims to create an R&D center implementing industrial research and development for new opportunities for innovative construction elements, with a main focus on components utilizing optical properties of materials. 

Funding was provided via the Operational Programme Smart Growth.


As participants in the project, we are one of the consortium members and contractors. The initiative aims to improve car body shell manufacture by exploring the possibilities offered by composite materials. 

More information is available on the project's official website.