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We offer free trial versions to our future customers, enabling them to get acquainted with our solutions more closely.

We offer our future clients the possibility to experience our solutions first-hand by testing the tools we provide thanks to a free trial.
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Licensing - Altair Units

Altair Units, the new, unified licensing system that gives access to every Altair product and the power to solve on any scale.

This scalable solution allows you to tailor your approach to the task at hand, offering even greater versatility and the ability to use the software from anywhere, providing you with a wide range of tools from our portfolio.

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Startup program

Altair supports innovation, offering start-ups special financing conditions and providing the tools, which shorten the development time and enable them to reduce costs throughout the whole product life cycle.
By making use of specialized software based on leading analysis, young companies can speed up the development process of their products, assessing their feasibility, as well as reducing the need for prototypes and risk of failure during the design stage.


Who can join the start-up program?

  • Private companies which have been on the market for less than four years
  • Companies with an annual revenue of less than $10mFocus on innovation
  • Companies that do not provide computing services
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Training Center

We offer a variety of training resources that improve customer productivity with the Altair software. Courses are availavle for both professional and academic users.

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