Simulation-driven Design

Create, optimize and study with ease. These tools will cover all of your analysis, design and simulation needs, reducing the time needed to get your products on the market.
Our solutions will enable you to make better informed engineering decisions, saving you both time and money.

Simulation-driven Design solutions

Multi-Disciplinary System Simulation
Math, Scripting, Data Analysis & Visualization
Structural Analysis for Rapid Design Iterations
Accelerate Simulation-driven Design
Efficient Design for Additive Manufacturing
Casting Process Simulation
Metal Forming Process Simulation
Metal and Polymer Extrusion Process
Injection Molding Process Simulation
Polyurethane (PU) Foaming Process Simulation
Electric Rotating Motor Design
Multi-Disciplinary System Simulation
Altair Activate

Activate is an open & flexible tool for rapidly modeling and simulating products as multi-disciplinary systems in the form of 1D models (expressed as signal-based or physical block diagrams), optionally coupled to 3D models.

Holistic assessment of systems and system-of-systems

Incorporate multi-disciplinary aspects in system simulation

Supports Modelica and FMU open standards

Math, Scripting, Data Analysis & Visualization
Altair Compose

Compose is an environment for doing calculations, manipulating and visualizing data (including from CAE simulations or test results), programming and debugging scripts useful for repeated computations and process automation.

It allows users to perform a wide variety of math op’s

All-in-one user-friendly Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

Better, informed engineering decisions

Structural Analysis for Rapid Design Iterations
Altair SimSolid

SimSolid is a structural analysis software developed specifically for rapidly evolving design processes. It eliminates geometry simplification and meshing, the two most time-consuming and expertise-extensive tasks done in traditional FEA, enabling the analysis of fully-featured CAD assemblies in seconds to minutes. 

Structural analysis on a CAD workstation even for large and complex parts and assemblies

Fast model setup with fully featured CAD, even with early or imperfect geometry 

CAD associativity enables rapid design iterations

Accelerate Simulation-driven Design
Altair Inspire

Applied early in the product development lifecycle, Altair Inspire accelerates the creation, optimization, and study of innovative, structurally efficient parts and assemblies through collaboration. Inspire enables both simulation analysts and designers to perform what-if studies faster, easier, and above all earlier, encouraging collaboration and reducing product time to market.

Create and modify designs with ease

Optimize for manufacturability

Simulate at the speed of design

Efficient Design for Additive Manufacturing
Altair Inspire Print3D

Inspire Print3D is an additive manufacturing (AM) product development and process simulation solution that enables teams to enhance part quality and minimize lead time and AM costs by reducing material usage, print time and post processing. It provides a fast and accurate toolset for the design and process simulation of selective laser melting (SLM) parts. 

Minimize support structure and correct potential defects

Design & manufacturing simulation in a single tool

Advanced thermo-mechanical simulation

Casting Process Simulation
Altair Inspire Cast

Inspire Cast is a fast, easy, accurate and affordable casting simulation environment focused on creating high quality components with increased profitability through a highly intuitive user experience. It is the only tool that caters to beginners and experts alike, from product designers to foundry engineers.

Ease of use with pre-defined 5-step workflow

Accurate results reduce the need for physical testing

Improve profitability with an affordable solution

Metal Forming Process Simulation
Altair Inspire Form

Altair Inspire Form is a complete stamping simulation environment that can effectively be used by product designers and process engineers to optimize designs, simulate robust manufacturing and reduce material costs.It allows to identify defects early in the product development phase, accelerate die face design, and provide accurate insights on product formability, process parameters and material utilization.

Product design, feasibility analysis and cost estimation

Easy to use, natural and process-driven workflows

Accurate multi-stage virtual try-out module

Metal and Polymer Extrusion Process
Altair Inspire Extrude

Altair Inspire Extrude Metal is an easy-to-learn tool that enables simulation to be used by any engineer or designer to increase their understanding of how profile features and process variables interact for any particular metal alloy or polymer. It will help your team achieve productivity gains by reducing product development costs and improve extrusion quality, increasing production yield and customer satisfaction.

Reduce manufacturing cost avoiding costly prototypes

Efficient and process-driven, quick and easy to learn

Virtual die trials to design optimal dies and parts

All-in-one Industrial Design Solution
Altair Inspire Studio

Inspire Studio is the new solution for innovative designers, architects, and digital artists to create, evaluate and visualize designs faster than ever before. With unrivaled flexibility and precision, its unique construction history feature along with multiple modelling techniques empowers users throughout the creative process.

Enhance creativity by letting designers drive their design

Mix and match modelling techniques

Create stunning images and complex animations

Injection Molding Simulation
Altair Inspire Mold

Injection molding simulation when it matters most

EASY TO LEARN & USE - Explore and enhance products’ manufacturability in an intuitive and process-oriented environment

SPEED & ACCURACY – New unique 3D adaptive technology with unsurpassed speed without the heuristic approximations of traditional 2.5D solvers

Think: Days to hours. Hours to minutes

Find and fix common manufacturing defects long before a mold is designed

Polyurethane (PU) Foaming Process Simulation
Altair Inspire PolyFoam

A modern integrated approach to design for manufacturing of rigid & flexible polyurethane foams delivering cost-effective, better products faster.

Easy to learn and use, with an intuitive and process-orientedenvironment for designers and engineers

Accurate simulation supporting simultaneous fluid and chemicalreaction analysis including heat transfer

Part of a comprehensive toolset for design, analysis, and validation

Electric Rotating Motor Design
Altair FluxMotor

FluxMotor is a flexible open software tool dedicated to the pre-design of electric rotating machines.It enables the user to build a machine from standard or customized parts, add windings and materials to run a selection of tests and compare results.

Motor-dedicated and intuitive interface

Trustworthy results based on Flux finite element solver

Quickly design and optimize concept machines

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