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Optimisation of wheel lubricator brackets.

Analysing the root causes of bracket vibration and proposing a solution to avoid the resulting failures.

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Project description

Analysing the root causes of bracket vibration and proposing a solution to avoid the resulting failures.


Failure of a wheel lubricator bracket due to strong vibration.


The work started with a finite element analysis (FEA) to determine the actual loads. In particular, vibrations were analysed in detail. The data obtained was used in post-processing using: fast Fourier transform (FFT) and white noise elimination. The acquired data were transferred to the FEA model and correlated with the FEA test.

The result

The solutions used allowed the stiffness and mass topology to be optimised. Thanks to a comprehensive approach – including root cause analysis, thorough examination of the acquired data and optimisation of the topology – it was possible to deliver an error-free, robust solution. The result was an improved design used to produce an implementation-ready product, remaining in use from its initial implementation.

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