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We bring Your Motorcycle design ideas to life.

At Endego, we bring your motorcycle design ideas to life with our comprehensive engineering solutions. From concept to production, our team of experts is dedicated to delivering customized solutions tailored to your specific needs. Let us help you transform your motorcycle design dreams into reality.

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Complete 3D design and development of all plastic components for motorcycles.

From concept to serial stage, working closely with system suppliers and imposed suppliers throughout the entire process.

Our experienced engineers are dedicated to delivering customized solutions for each of our clients, ensuring that their products are optimized for performance, weight, durability and aesthetics. We work with you to define each component’s assembly sequence, fixing, positioning and safety while providing styling studio support and technical expertise to ensure the product’s feasibility.

Throughout the development process, we conduct thorough analyses to determine packaging, assembly sequence, digital mockup, production feasibility, and more, all while ensuring that the product meets OEM and TIER-1 specifications. We also provide lessons-learned implementation to ensure products are optimized for functionality and ease of production.

To ensure the highest quality, we provide complete 2D technical drawings according to OEM and TIER-1 specifications, and we assign product responsible Technical Design Leaders and CAD engineering teams to each project.

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Functionality and safety in every turn

At Endego we specialize in designing motorcycles that are not only beautiful but also functional and safe. We focus on several key factors to ensure our designs’ highest quality and reliability.

One of our specialties is motorcycles wiring harness design, which includes EOL development, 3D & 2D CAD design, documentation, process integration, and simulation. Our experienced team works diligently to create a comprehensive wiring harness design that meets your exact specifications and ensures your motorcycle is efficient and reliable.

We also offer exterior lighting design services and carry out the entire range of engineering works related to development, including full mechanical development from concept to the production phase, optical analysis and design of optical surfaces, homogeneity optimization, and homologation preparation. Our electrical concepts are well-thought-out, covering ECU and Control Units, keep-outs, connectors selection, and wire harnesses, ensuring your motorcycle is beautiful and functional. In addition, we carry out complete thermal and vibration CAE analyses.

Lastly, our team is also proficient in frame and steel structure design, ensuring that your motorcycle is built to last.

Front Carrier
Wind Deflector
Headlight Mask
Radiator Shutter Outside/Inside
Frame Blade
Top Tank Cover
Cover Marker Holder
License Plate Holder
Rear Wheel Cover

Our competences

Program and Project Managment


  • Front carrier
  • Wind deflector
  • Headlight mask
  • Radiator shutter outside/inside
  • Frame blade
  • Top tank cover
  • Cover marker holder
  • License plate holder
  • Rear wheel cover


  • Front lamps
  • Rear lamps

Wiring Harness​

  • Engine electrical harnesses
  • Lighting electrical harnesses

Frame/steel structure​

  • Battery basket/bracket

Client testimonies

Delivery models

Talent as a Service (TaaS)

Endego play a role of a Scaling Partner.

  • Service delivery is based on the Time & Material or Agile (fixed capacity)
  • Composition of the entire team or allocation of individuals
  • Delivery model adapted to customer needs and working practices
  • Team and budget managed by Customer or Endego
  • Dedicated customer service manager (SPOC) allocated

Solution Service

Endego play a role of a Delivery Partner.

  • Service delivery is based on the Fixed Fee per work-package or Fixed Fee per iteration
  • Delivery model following both predictive and adaptive life-cycles
    • For predictive life-cycles, the requirements are agreed before the project start
    • For adaptive life-cycles, the requirements are agreed before the iteration starts
  • Team and/or budget managed by Endego Project Manager

Client Dedicated Team

We Build & Operate team for the client, with a Transfer option (B.O.T).

  • We have successfully established a dynamic team that not only adeptly addresses our clients' needs but also fosters sustainable relationships through continuous engagement and exceptional service delivery.
  • In addition to building dedicated teams for our clients, we have also mastered the process of seamlessly transitioning these teams to our partners.

This is why you can trust us

We take extreme care of your security and the quality of our services and products, confirmed by the most valued certificates we have been awarded.

ISO 27001

ISO 27001

ISO 9001

ISO 9001





EN 15085-2

EN 15085-2



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Head of Business Development
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