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We love
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Our goal is to exploit our engineering expertise to provide innovative solutions that enhance your business's productivity.

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We deliver best-in-class solutions that help us today live in the world of tomorrow. 

The Off-Highway Competence Center specializes in developing equipment and vehicle components that operate in challenging environments, such as mines, construction sites, and other industrial settings. With a focus on safety, efficiency, and comfort, we are committed to helping our clients achieve their objectives and thrive in the most demanding circumstances.

Safety at every turn

That motto has stayed with us since the beginning.

In such a challenging environment, we want to create a safer working environment for operators and surroundings, helping to minimize accidents and injuries.

Lighting systems are designed to improve visibility and safety for operators and other personnel working in and around heavy machinery.

The virtual simulation drives the cabin’s design to protect operators and other personnel from falling objects, tip-overs, and roll-overs, reducing the risk of injury.

Connectivity and detection systems, such as antennas and radars, help to improve safety by providing operators with real-time information about their surroundings.

Interior LED Lighting
Front Lighting System
Rear Lighting
Vehicle Body

Efficiency that moves you forward

We recognize that every organization must operational excellence and drive innovation while maintaining manufacturing and maintenance costs at reasonable levels. At Endego, our efficiency solutions for off-highway machinery are engineered to enhance productivity.

Light-weight design – Endego’s simulation-driven design methods speed up the structures and attachments.

Operations- Endego’s Model Based Engineering leads to optimizing material flow, reducing charging and discharging time, and operation efficiency.

Electrifications – Endego has a broad experience with the high voltage harness design for cars in the premium segment, i.e., pHEV, mHEV, and BEV).

Vehicle Body
Bucket Cylinder
Backhoe Boom
Rock Bucket
Dipper, Arm, Stick, Crowd Cylinder
Loader Bucket
Loader Lift Arm
Swing Frame and Cylinder
Loader Lift Cylinder
Stabilizer Arm and Cylinder
Battery housing
Cooling systems
High and low voltage wire harness system
GPS and tracking system

Comfort that goes beyond the operator

Our objective is to create a highly ergonomic workspace that prioritizes functionality, reliability, and comfort for operators, irrespective of the weather conditions. We take environmental considerations into account by designing insulation and thermal systems that safeguard against burns and excessive noise levels.

Interior Ergonomic Design – our extensive experience in the automobile industry enables us to achieve shorter time-to-market delivery. We enhance operational efficiency by focusing on the design of operator seats, control layouts, and other features that optimize comfort and ergonomics.

Thermal and Acoustic solutions – we develop effective HVAC, Insulation, and NVH solutions that help minimize heat loss and maximize operator and surrounding comfort. We help our customers to deliver more competitive products on the market.

Infotainment system
Instrument Panel
Wireless charging pads
Air Suspended Seat
Centre Console
Exhaust system
Heat shields
Noise insulation
Sealing Systems
Heat Ventilation Air Conditioning

Our competences

Program and Project Managment

System Engineering Model


  • Plastic Design​
  • Optics / Lighting​
  • Simulation / CAE​
  • Body in white
  • Design for Manufacturing​
  • Design for Assembly​
  • Design to Cost

Software / Hardware​

  • Systems development​
  • Complex PCB design and testing​
  • Antennas and Radars​
  • Embedded Solutions

Electrical / Hydraulic / Pneumatic systems​

  • Wiring Harness system​
  • Hydraulics/Pneumatics


  • Product industralization
  • Production line layouts​
  • Gauges & Fixtures​
  • Process automation​
  • EOL testers

Client testimonies

Delivery models

Talent as a Service (TaaS)

Endego play a role of a Scaling Partner.

  • Service delivery is based on the Time & Material or Agile (fixed capacity)
  • Composition of the entire team or allocation of individuals
  • Delivery model adapted to customer needs and working practices
  • Team and budget managed by Customer or Endego
  • Dedicated customer service manager (SPOC) allocated

Solution Service

Endego play a role of a Delivery Partner.

  • Service delivery is based on the Fixed Fee per work-package or Fixed Fee per iteration
  • Delivery model following both predictive and adaptive life-cycles
    • For predictive life-cycles, the requirements are agreed before the project start
    • For adaptive life-cycles, the requirements are agreed before the iteration starts
  • Team and/or budget managed by Endego Project Manager

Client Dedicated Team

We Build & Operate team for the client, with a Transfer option (B.O.T).

  • We have successfully established a dynamic team that not only adeptly addresses our clients' needs but also fosters sustainable relationships through continuous engagement and exceptional service delivery.
  • In addition to building dedicated teams for our clients, we have also mastered the process of seamlessly transitioning these teams to our partners.

This is why you can trust us

We take extreme care of your security and the quality of our services and products, confirmed by the most valued certificates we have been awarded.

ISO 27001

ISO 27001

ISO 9001

ISO 9001





EN 15085-2

EN 15085-2



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Off-Highway & Agriculture
Competence Centre Director
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