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Nearshoring with Endego.

As an engineering services provider, we are a trusted partner that delivers the highest standards and performance for clients around the world. We are Endegers - a versatile team driving progress in mobility.

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About Endego

Endego is a leading Polish provider of engineering and software services based in Krakow, Poland. We believe that the foundation of every successful project is experience, commitment, and reliability, which is why we go above and beyond to ensure that we meet the highest standards and exceed expectations for our clients worldwide.

We take great pride in our team’s passion, unique competence, and expertise that supports innovation throughout many industries. Our capabilities range from concept design to production quality, and we are committed to finding the best solutions for any challenge our clients may face. From the automotive sector and beyond, we are here to provide both the support and guidance you need to succeed. Whatever the challenge!

End-to-end development

Endego implements projects from the earliest visions, benchmarking through cost analysis, supply chain construction, concept development, visualization, design and styling, prototype, and serial phase to support production launch.

Concept Studies

  • Benchmarking
  • Investigation
  • Kinematics
  • Feasibility
  • Material
  • Packaging


  • CAD parametric modeling
  • Design feasibility
  • Tolerance chain calculation
  • Documentation
  • CAE analysis
  • Software/Hardware


  • Model validation
  • Virtual prototyping
  • Prototype production
  • Prototype assembly

Technical Consulting

  • Support on demand
  • Proposals for solutions
  • Concepts
  • Assembly sequence
  • Materials selection
  • Technological consulting
  • Fast prototyping
  • Selection of appropriate production technologies

How do we work?

  • 1

    Complete project

    We deliver complete project and responsibility for the entrusted work package (time & material OR fixed price model)

  • 2

    Project-dedicated team

    The client retains management over the project

  • 3

    Client-dedicated team

    We build & operate team for the client, with transfer option (B.O.T)(time & material + residual price at transfer)

Client testimonies

Our competences


Our team of experienced engineers is committed to delivering customized solutions which meet each of our clients’ unique needs. Our expertise in the automotive industry is focused on the following areas.

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Beyond Automotive

Are you looking for solutions beyond the automotive industry? At Endego, we are proud to offer engineering excellence throughout various industries.

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Trusted by

  • Bertrandt
  • Toytoa Boshoku Europe
  • Magna
  • Plastic Omnium
  • BOS
  • Aptiv
  • Alstom
  • Autoneum
  • IAC
  • FEV
  • Motherson
  • CTWE
  • Lade
  • Merit
  • ASAP

We are a proud member of

  • Endego Automotive Partnership
  • Endego Automotive Partnership
  • Endego Automotive Partnership
  • Endego Automotive Partnership

Selected case studies

Simulations services (CAE) and software reselling

We provide CAE services using advanced methods to undergo numerical analysis.

In addition, we are the exclusive and authorized partner of Altair – Poland-headquartered global technology company that provides software and cloud solutions in areas such as simulations, high-performance computing (HPC), and artificial intelligence (AI).

  • Simulations <br>services


    We have a talented team of 15 people exclusively focused on numerical analysis, such as strength, fatigue, impact, thermal, modal, fluid flow, kinematic, electromagnetic, bulk materials and many other analyses.

  • Software sales and implementation

    Software sales and implementation

    Our broad portfolio of solutions requires flexibility and expertise, which is why we have a sales and technical department exclusively dedicated to software selection and implementation.

  • Customer support and dedicated trainings

    Customer support and dedicated trainings

    We provide technical support for the solutions we deliver. ALTAIR products are being developed and receiving new features and improvements, with our technical support team undergoing a yearly certification process.

  • Benchmarks and verification

    Benchmarks and verification

    We thrive on challenges, so we are eager to take on numerical analyses that require more work from the software developer and us.

Learn more about Altair Software

Endego in numbers


international projects including Mercedes, VW, Audi or BMW.


on board.




years on the market, including steady growth during the pandemic.


offices in Poland: Kraków, Wrocław, Jelenia Góra, Gliwice, Sanok, Lublin.

opportunities for
mutual development.

Knowledge Zone

ASPICE – your way to create, maintain, and improve company process

The automotive industry is a highly demanding market. It shows especially in areas of quality and project risk. Every company faces difficulties achieving high standards, avoiding unnecessary risk and complicated issues before their product gets to an end user. Various standards and guidelines help address these issues. ASPICE is the best-known example of such.

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Celebrating our journey: Endego’s triumph at the B2 Simracing Championship

Here at Endego, we share a motorsport passion beyond engineering. Our foray into the B2 Simracing Championship represents the fusion of our professional excellence with our love for motorsports.

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Eco-driven innovation: Reshaping the automotive industry for a sustainable tomorrow

Sustainable production in the automotive industry is a pivotal frontier in the global effort towards environmental responsibility. The automotive sector, renowned for its technological innovation and economic impact, is steering towards a greener future. Simultaneously being an ecological necessity, the shift towards sustainable production is becoming a business strategy. It responds to regulatory pressures and increasing consumer demand for eco-friendly products.

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