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Aerodynamics: key aspects of automotive exterior design

The exterior elements of a car, such as the bumpers, sills, or spoilers, play a key role in shaping the vehicle’s appearance. They are what we focus our attention on when we are first confronted with a particular car model.

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Hydrogen: The Fuel of the Future

Due to the drive to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the fight against climate change, hydrogen is emerging as a promising alternative fuel for transport. What are its advantages and disadvantages? What challenges does its use present?

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Automatization production lines: a new era of efficiency and innovation in industry

In an era of rapidly increasing pressure for cost efficiency in industry, automatic production lines are becoming a key element of technological transformation in the field of goods manufacturing.

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The New Era of Comfort: 5 Trends That Are Shaping Car Interior Design

Although it might seem to be an area of the automotive industry much less innovative than propulsion or software, car interior design is also subject to technological trends and significantly impacts driving comfort and safety. What is currently keeping interior designers busy?

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Designing the automotive lighting of the future: trends, challenges, and opportunities

The automotive industry is transforming and improving, and one of its most inspiring areas of development is the field of automotive lighting. New technologies not only enhance safety on the road but also allow for more efficient solutions to be used.

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Design and safety – or the design of automotive lighting.

Properly designed automotive lights influence driving comfort, safety, and vehicle aesthetics. On the one hand, modern technology provides ample room for innovation in all these areas; on the other hand, it poses new challenges for manufacturers.

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Industry 4.0 – the future of manufacturing

Industry 4.0 is a concept that has recently gained enormous popularity in the business and economic worlds. What does the term really mean, and what is characteristic of this trend?

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Off-highway machines for the special tasks

Used in industry and agriculture, specialized vehicles operating in demanding conditions give designers several challenges. Endego’s experts can help in the search for effective and innovative solutions.

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AUTOSAR – a breakthrough in automotive design

The AUTOSAR system helps to streamline the design process and improve safety on the road. With its open architecture and strictly standardized processes, it helps car manufacturers to detect and eliminate errors. Using AUTOSAR makes it possible to integrate different software modules and create a single, consistent system using them.

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