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Discover the forefront of engineering advancements with expert commentaries and analyses by Endego’s seasoned professionals. Delve into subjects from automotive intricacies and cybersecurity challenges to sustainable innovations and design frontiers. Stay informed, stay inspired — explore with us.

Advanced materials: The future of car manufacturing

Car manufacturing has undergone constant change over the years to adapt to a changing world. The process of e volvement in the automotive sector is not stopping – there are constantly new challenges and circumstances that car manufacturers are trying to meet. The dynamic nature of this segment of the global market is perfectly illustrated by the changes that are taking place in the area of materials used in cars. One of the main trends we can observe is the desire to create vehicles based on lightweight yet durable components. There is also a strong emphasis on recyclates and renewable materials in the choice of materials for cars.

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Energy-efficient off-highway machinery: ways to increase energy efficiency

Trends in energy management, the development of electric and hybrid vehicles, as well as innovations in fleet management and labor optimization are influencing manufacturers and operators of off-highway machinery. The application of modern solutions from these areas can significantly contribute to improving the energy efficiency of the entire off-highway sector.

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What is a front grill and what are its functions on a vehicle?

Due to its practical as well as aesthetic functions, the ‘grill’ is one of the vehicle components that receive special attention in terms of design. What does this process look like from the initial concept stage through to series production?

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ASPICE – way to assess your process 

Introducing a flawless product has always been a goal of all OEMs in the Automotive Industry. Unfortunately, product development has become more complex over the years. A growing number of suppliers involved creates a situation requiring checking if teams provide the correct elements of your final product. The purpose of ASPICE is to assess process steps and give tools to put a rating of your partners’ process development.

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ASPICE – your way to create, maintain, and improve company process

The automotive industry is a highly demanding market. It shows especially in areas of quality and project risk. Every company faces difficulties achieving high standards, avoiding unnecessary risk and complicated issues before their product gets to an end user. Various standards and guidelines help address these issues. ASPICE is the best-known example of such.

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Celebrating our journey: Endego’s triumph at the B2 Simracing Championship

Here at Endego, we share a motorsport passion beyond engineering. Our foray into the B2 Simracing Championship represents the fusion of our professional excellence with our love for motorsports.

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Eco-driven innovation: Reshaping the automotive industry for a sustainable tomorrow

Sustainable production in the automotive industry is a pivotal frontier in the global effort towards environmental responsibility. The automotive sector, renowned for its technological innovation and economic impact, is steering towards a greener future. Simultaneously being an ecological necessity, the shift towards sustainable production is becoming a business strategy. It responds to regulatory pressures and increasing consumer demand for eco-friendly products.

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Revving up for 2024: Unveiling the future of automotive innovation

Welcome to 2024: A year of breakthroughs and transformations in the automotive world. At Endego, we stand at the forefront of this exciting journey, navigating the fast-paced changes and emerging trends in the automotive sector.

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Electromobility: opportunities and threats

In the context of environmental protection and the fight against CO2 emissions, electromobility is becoming increasingly common. However, like any technology, it brings with it both opportunities and risks. In this article, we address the environmental and operational factors affecting its assessment.

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