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Computer-aided engineering simulations services.

Our CAE team understands that simulations are designed to aid and enhance design processes, to lower and reduce the time and costs of product development by making critical decisions faster or by studying trends and behaviour of models.

CAE simulations services​
provided by Endego

Many of our distinguished customers have already implemented this approach by making Endego CAE an integral part of the design processes.

We had the privilege to support our clients from automotive, maritime, railway, or biomedical industries by performing analyses that reflect working conditions, with some prominent examples below:

  • Structural analyses – crash test, fatigue, vibrational and thermal analysis, and topology optimization
  • Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) – single and multiphase flow, thermal flow, sloshing, air flow stream optimization, fluid-structure interaction (FSI)
  • Kinematic analyses – multi-body (MB) simulation and verification of designed mechanisms in terms of a kinematic and dynamic frameworks
  • Electromagnetic analyses (EM) – simulations in the low-frequency domain, such as structure optimization in magnetization or coupled thermo-electrical simulations of cable harness; simulations in a high-frequency environment, such as radio communication (RC) or dish antenna optimization
  • Programming – creating dedicated scripts for Altair HyperWorks software for pre and post-processing automation

From the definition of goals
to the production phase support​​

What do we do?

Simulation-driven design
Simulation-driven design


  • Interior plastic components
  • Bolt and Welds verification
  • Complex assemblies
  • Metal frame structures
  • Stiffness validation
  • Body in White
  • Composite Optimization

Step into the world where every bolt, joint, and component is meticulously analyzed for strength and stability through static analysis, ensuring vehicles meet the highest standards of safety and reliability.

  • Stress and strain analysis
  • Connections validation (bolts, welds, pins, snap fit)
  • Design optimization to meet strength criteria
  • Stiffness and buckling analysis
  • Non-linear materials, contacts and large displacements
  • Rigidity and strength simulations
  • Assembly and Mounting Simulations
  • Car lightweight structure developments
  • Plastics durability validation
  • PN EN 12663-1, PN EN 12663-2 - static and fatigue structural stress in base material and welds for train cars
  • PN EN 13749, PN EN 15827 - static and fatigue structural stress in base material and welds for train trolleys
  • VDV-152 - additional requirements for static and fatigue analyses
  • VDI 2230 - bolts strength assessment
  • DVS 1612 - design and endurance strength analysis of steel welded joints in rail-vehicle
  • DVS 1608 - design and strength assessment of welded structures from aluminum alloys in railway applications
  • DNV, Lloyd classification society analyses
  • Static simulations for wave/wind induced load cases
  • Lifiting operations
  • Static and fatigue strength assesment
Enhancing Comfort, Eliminating Noise

NVH - Noise, Vibration, Harshness

  • Squeak and Rattle
  • Frequency Response
  • PSD Analysis
  • Sound Transmission Loss
  • Resonance cancelling
  • HVAC

Explore the dynamic world of vibration analysis, where our engineers detect, analyze, and mitigate unwanted vibrations, setting new standards for structures safety, comfort and reliability

  • Modal Analysis
  • Frequency Response Analysis
  • Random and Power Spectral Density Analysis
  • Structure optimization to cancel potential resonances
  • HVAC noise prediction
  • Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH)
  • PSD analysis of plastic components - engine, transmission excitation
  • Fatigue assessment to withstand road induced vibration fatigue
  • Modal analysis to validate overall structure or equipment stiffness
  • Modal analysis to validate overall structure or equipment stiffness
  • Harmonic analysis of unbalanced compressor excitation
  • Rotor dynamics
  • ISO 10816-3:2014 and ISO 108168-8:2014 structure vibration level estimation
  • Modal analysis to validate overall structure or equipment stiffness
Innovating Protection: Your Safety is Our Priority


  • ECE Regulations
  • FMVSS Regulations
  • Pedestrian Protection
  • Airbag deployment
  • Dummy safety

Delve into the science of safety with our crash analysis expertise. From crash simulations to real-world crash tests, explore how we engineer vehicles to withstand and minimize the impact of collisions.

  • Front, side and rear impacts for railway, buses and automotive industry
  • Analysis according to ECE and FMVSS regulations
  • Pedestrian protection - Head impact, leg impact
  • Airbag deployment and dummy safety
  • Structure development acc. to crashworthiness
  • ECE and FMVSS regulations
  • Airbag Deployment
  • Low speed impact
  • SBA
  • Tailgate and Hood Slam
  • Rear Impact
  • Front Impact
  • Side Impact
  • Roof Crash
  • ISOFIX, Seatbelt Anchorage test
  • Pedestrian protection
  • PN EN 15227 - crashworthiness requirements for rail vehicles
  • Vehicle collision with stationary, braked vehicle
  • Collision between two identical vehicles
  • Collision with a 3t mass wagon
  • Collision with a 7.5t obstacle
  • VDV 152:2016 - Recommendations on the Design for Strength of Urban Rail Rolling Stock according to BOStrab
  • ECE R66 - Bus rollover test
  • ECE R29 - Cabin safety
  • ECE R93 - Front Lower Protection Devices
Engineered Efficiency: Thermal CAE Simulation


  • Thermal expansion
  • Thermal management
  • Cooling systems

From electronic devices to automotive components, our thermal simulation solutions provide the insights needed to meet the demands of today's rapidly evolving markets

  • Thermal expansion simulation of the assemblies
  • Heat transfer coefficient estimation
  • Powertrain cooling analyses
  • Thermo-mechanical analyses of components
  • Identification of areas prone to overheating or insufficient heat dissipation
3d routing
  • Expansion and shrinkage behavior
  • Static tests in elevated and low temperatures
  • Wiring harness thermo-electrical simulation
  • Electronic components thermal analysis
  • Lighting heat transfer analysis
  • Heat exchangers
  • BEV battery cooling plates
  • Heat transfer coefficient estimation for car cross sections
  • Heat bridges detection
  • Heat path optimization
  • Heat transfer coefficient estimation for cross sections
  • Heat bridges detection
  • Heat path optimization
E-Power Systems
Optimize Fluid Flow: Leading the Way with CFD Simulation


  • Flow optimization
  • Multiphase flow
  • Particle tracing
  • HVAC
  • SPH

We explore the transformative role of CFD in understanding and optimizing fluid flow phenomena across industries. Dive deep into the capabilities of CFD simulation as we uncover its applications in aerodynamics, heat transfer, combustion, and more.

  • Structure development acc. to crashworthiness
  • Fluid flow around a specific project or component for optimization purposes
  • Identification of areas with high resistance, turbulence, or low-pressure zones
  • Species effective mixing and homogenity
  • Fluid Contaminant Monitoring and Validation of Removal Methods
  • Aerodynamic Noise Analysis
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Structural Integrity Assessment
  • Complete lighting CFD analysis - heat transfer, condensation, evaporation
  • Air conditioning - heat transfer, flow optimization, passenger cabin thermal comfort
  • Cooling circuits (ICE / HEV) - water pump power demand, coolant properties
  • Lubrication circuits (ICE / HEV) - oil temperature, pressure - worst/best operating condition
  • Engine water jackets
  • Piston oil cooling (jets optimization)
  • Degassing and HTC mapping
  • Pressure release valves
  • Catalytic converters
  • Aerodynamics
  • HVAC Performance Analysis - thermal comfort analysis and airflow around occupants
  • HVAC system turbulence level decreasing to reduce noise
  • Zero flow region detection
  • Outflow uniformity validation
  • Multi-phase CFD analyses of gas exhaust systems
  • Hydraulic analysis of oil/gas separator - particle tracing - separation efficiency
  • Root cause analysis & flow optimization
  • Fuel tanks sloshing analysis
  • HVAC Performance Analysis - thermal comfort analysis and airflow around occupants
  • HVAC system turbulence level decreasing to reduce noise
  • Zero flow region detection
  • Outflow uniformity validation

Delivery models

Talent as a Service (TaaS)

Endego play a role of a Scaling Partner.

  • Service delivery is based on the Time & Material or Agile (fixed capacity)
  • Composition of the entire team or allocation of individuals
  • Delivery model adapted to customer needs and working practices
  • Team and budget managed by Customer or Endego
  • Dedicated customer service manager (SPOC) allocated

Solution Service

Endego play a role of a Delivery Partner.

  • Service delivery is based on the Fixed Fee per work-package or Fixed Fee per iteration
  • Delivery model following both predictive and adaptive life-cycles
    • For predictive life-cycles, the requirements are agreed before the project start
    • For adaptive life-cycles, the requirements are agreed before the iteration starts
  • Team and/or budget managed by Endego Project Manager

Client Dedicated Team

We Build & Operate team for the client, with a Transfer option (B.O.T).

  • We have successfully established a dynamic team that not only adeptly addresses our clients' needs but also fosters sustainable relationships through continuous engagement and exceptional service delivery.
  • In addition to building dedicated teams for our clients, we have also mastered the process of seamlessly transitioning these teams to our partners.

Your "best-cost" country footprint

Nearshoring with Endego


Proximity to your business operations and customers in Europe, aligned with your culture and time zone.


Competitive pricing among CEE’s best-cost countries, matching cost-effectiveness and high quality.


Above 90% client retention confirms we live to our values: partnership, candor, excellence, and commitment.


Scaled and versatile competences allow us to quickly and comprehensively respond to customer needs.


We are experts in local labour laws and tax regulations; we understand the needs and expectations of our engineers – we take care of all this for you.


An effective recruitment team and close proximity to technical universities allow us to build teams for our client’s needs quickly. We train and keep them engaged.


We have an effective IT infrastructure, mature supporting functions, and convenient offices – all the administrative burden is on us.


We have numerous satisfied clients for whom we have provided individual specialists, completed projects, operated a dedicated team of 20, or recruited and transferred a group of 80. Whatever the challenge, we are there.

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