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Unveiling Engineering Excellence: Real-World Solutions.

Delve deep into our comprehensive collection of case studies to witness our expertise in action. From pioneering advancements in the automotive realm to ground breaking solutions beyond, our projects stand testament to our dedication, innovation, and prowess in engineering. Explore, learn, and get inspired!

Steering Into the Future with Nexteer Automotive

Embark on an electrifying journey with us into the high-tech world of Nexteer Automotive, a leading global technological powerhouse, dedicated to pioneering the evolution of adaptive steering systems. Nexteer fervently ensures our future mobility is not only safeguarded but also thrilling and ecologically responsible.

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Design of the new TTMA road absorber

Mobile absorber of kinetic energy when a vehicle hits a stationary or slow-moving truck, used on roads in work zones and during maintenance work

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Modernization of the front structure of the ED72 electric multiple units

Modernization of the structure of the front of the ED72 electric multiple units, taking into account static, fatigue, and crashworthiness requirements.

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Design and strength verification calculations of tank (caisson) structure

Design and strength calculations to verify the construction of a tank (caisson). The caisson is designed for below-water welding work on piles embedded in the bed of the Skalda River for mooring watercraft.

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Tankers project modernization

Design modification and prototyping of new slurry tankers. The aim of the modernisation was to reduce the weight of the vehicle thanks to the use of a smaller thickness of metal sheets in the plating construction and lowering the centre of gravity by recessing the wheel arches into the contour of the tank.

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Redesigning the vacuum valve to reduce production costs

Redesigning a vacuum valve used in the production processes of e.g. TV screens and mobile phones.

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Jazz Duo and Krakowiak tram bodies

Mechanical design together with the development of supporting documentation and strength analyses of two tram bodies.

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Tabor Dębica, Cargo Car 438W

The client asked to check the strength of the construction of the Eanos 438W type coal wagon in terms of meeting the requirements of the PN EN 12663 2: 2010 standard …

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Optimization of the structure of the type 20D locomotive

The client has requested a thorough evaluation of the modernized structure of the SM48 (TEM2) locomotive to ensure compliance with the PN EN 12663-2: 2010 standard. Should any discrepancies arise, we are tasked with optimizing the structure to meet both immediate and operational strength criteria, inclusive of weld integrity.

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