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AUTOSAR – a breakthrough in automotive design.

The AUTOSAR system helps to streamline the design process and improve safety on the road. With its open architecture and strictly standardized processes, it helps car manufacturers to detect and eliminate errors. Using AUTOSAR makes it possible to integrate different software modules and create a single, consistent system using them.

Find out why you should implement the AUTOSAR standard in your company!

AUTOSAR (Automotive Open System Architecture) is an open architecture system designed to simplify and streamline the design, implementation, and integration of software in vehicles. Several leading companies in the automotive industry, including Audi, BMW, Fiat, Ford, Opel, and VW, have developed the standard. Its primary purpose is to ensure that the various components of automotive systems can work together, regardless of who designed or manufactured them. Its implementation brings several benefits – including facilitating design work and improving road safety.

Benefits of implementing the AUTOSAR standard

– Reliability

The AUTOSAR system has been used on most cars and tested for years. Thanks to the experience accumulated by users and the ongoing improvements, it is reliable and highly advanced in ensuring safety. As a result, vehicles equipped with AUTOSAR are safer for drivers and passengers.

– Eliminating errors

Thanks to the strictly defined procedures provided for in AUTOSAR, adhering manufacturers can be sure that their vehicles are fully compliant with safety standards. In practice, AUTOSAR can help identify and correct errors in-vehicle systems that might otherwise go undetected and pose a risk to drivers and other road users.

– Increasing quality and efficiency

AUTOSAR is widely regarded as a revolution in the automotive industry because it allows a uniform software architecture to be applied to different vehicles, regardless of manufacturer. The framework is based on a foundation of standardized principles, which enables the integration of different software modules into a coherent whole. AUTOSAR helps to increase the quality and efficiency of automotive design processes, reducing development and time-to-market for new products.

– Versatility through modularity

The AUTOSAR framework works based on several modules:

  • system structure,
  • the communication system between components,
  • the diagnostic software
  • the VFB available bus allows communication between software components to be modeled.

The modular structure facilitates the design and implementation of the software and makes the solution universal.

Difficulties in implementing AUTOSAR

As the primary software model used in the automotive industry, AUTOSAR offers many advantages to car manufacturers. At the same time, it is a complex system, the implementation of which can present specific difficulties.

– System complexity

As a complex system, AUTOSAR is complex. Its effective use requires understanding the system itself and the processes involved. Improper implementation of the solution can lead to serious software problems and cause difficulties in maintaining continuous system operation. The use of AUTOSAR, therefore, requires specialized knowledge, and the simulations and tests carried out within its framework often involve a significant investment in time and money.

– Need for frequent updates

Different software versions of individual assemblies are sometimes incompatible with each other. This results in the need to update them on an ongoing basis and to adapt the design process to the new versions. This can place a significant strain on the development team.

– Price

AUTOSAR solutions are expensive, which poses an additional challenge for smaller companies. The standards are common in the industry, and there is a high cost for the manufacturer to implement them.

How to avoid the risks above?

The AUTOSAR software standard plays a vital role in the automotive industry, and its importance continues to grow. The open approach to automotive software design and integration allows the potential of different manufacturers to be exploited and innovative solutions to be developed for users. Therefore, it is worth investing in this technology despite the potential difficulties. To prevent problems in its implementation, it is advisable to use the support of experienced designers.

At ENDEGO, we specialize in comprehensive customer support for introducing the AUTOSAR system by carrying out projects and providing qualified employees.

We employ the best specialists with many years of experience and exceptional skills, which are crucial for the flawless design, implementation, configuration, and testing of practical solutions in this field. With our team of experts, you won’t have to invest in costly and time-consuming training. We carry out projects, offering an individual approach, detailed technical consultation, and project support.

It is worthwhile to cooperate with ENDEGO and benefit from the advantages of AUTOSAR without the risk of making mistakes due to the system’s complexity. We guarantee comprehensive service and high quality. Trust our experience and skills. With us, introducing the AUTOSAR system in your company will be smooth and successful.

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