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Off-highway machines for the special tasks.

Used in industry and agriculture, specialized vehicles operating in demanding conditions give designers several challenges. Endego’s experts can help in the search for effective and innovative solutions.

Wojciech Irla – Off-Highway & Agriculture Competence Centre Director

Specific categories of specialised vehicles, including industrial and agricultural machinery, are essential to many industries and agriculture worldwide. Their use brings many requirements and challenges for manufacturers and users.

At Endego, we focus on partnership. We aim to provide solutions and engineering expertise that enable our customers to meet their challenges. Our offer for heavy industry is structured around three main strands: safety, efficiency, and comfort. We consider these to be key regarding both sustainability and environmental aspects.


The safety of the operator and the surrounding environment is Endego’s priority.

Our experienced team of engineers performs day-to-day design and virtual testing of passive safety solutions (TOPS, ROPS, FOPS) that minimize the effects of hazardous events. We carry out tests and simulations against ISO standards, which help us to ensure that the equipment meets the latest legal requirements.

Engineers in the lighting department work on dynamic matrices that project signs in the work area.  Antennas and radars developed in the Software/Hardware team allow early detection of potential critical incidents and communication with the central server. The Communications and Detection engineers designs and integrates long-range radars, Lidars, blind spot detection cameras, or sensors.

The entirety of these competences is aimed at enhancing safety and comfort, which directly translates into building the reputation of our customers.

off-highway worker with bulldozer in sand quarry Endego


Every minute of downtime results in a loss for the company. As specialists, we can optimize the operation of the machine in the op to make it more efficient and reliable.

By using simulation-based design methods, we speed up the optimisation of current and the creation of new technological solutions. A systematic approach to the machine allows us to identify problem areas in the machine’s operation and to define relationships between systems (Mechanical – Hydraulic – Pneumatic – Electrical).

The ability to predict the behavior of the work material influences a more efficient flow of materials, reduced loading/unloading times, and machine efficiency.

By identifying the forces and energy required to perform specific tasks, it is possible to adjust machine parameters and optimise energy consumption, which directly affects the environment and reduces operating costs.


At Endego, we understand the challenges of working in a demanding environment. We design ergonomic interiors, focusing on functionality and operator comfort.

This includes the design of vehicle interiors and the ergonomics of the systems supporting the operator’s work. Our team designs, for example, solutions providing thermal and acoustic comfort, from ventilation and air-conditioning systems to thermal and sound insulation – both of the cabin and the vehicle exterior. By minimising noise and ensuring optimal temperature and air quality inside the cab, we create more and more comfortable work environments.

As Endego, we offer comprehensive solutions that allow our clients to gain an advantage over their competitors. With experience from more than 500 projects, we are a proven, trustworthy partner.

off-highway interior lighting Endego Industrial and agricultural machinery sector


Today, environmental requirements are one of the biggest challenges in the heavy machinery and equipment market. Companies must switch from traditional propulsion sources to alternative energy sources such as electricity, hydrogen, or biofuels. The pursuit of sustainable development and environmental protection is also prompting a significant reduction in emissions of compounds that are harmful to human health and the environment. New emission standards forces manufacturers to build equipment that produces significantly less pollution, creates demanding technological challenges.

Another trend in the market is the autonomisation of machines. With the rise in popularity of artificial intelligence and the IoT, autonomisation is becoming a viable trend in the industry, contributing to increased productivity but also increased safety.

Endego supports the development of electrification products. Our experience and knowledge in electrical harness design or battery systems allow us to design machines adapted to the latest standards and to adjust existing designs to new drive sources. We have the experience to systemically integrate existing components on the market into a system and design controllers according to the customer’s needs.

As part of our services, we also offer measurements of the actual parameters of your machines and the creation of software for remote diagnostics and operation of industrial and agricultural machinery. We build systems to monitor equipment operation, allowing us to react quickly if deviations from the norm are identifie.

off-highway Endego Industrial and agricultural machinery sector excavator

Facing technological and environmental transformations, the heavy machinery industry has incredible growth opportunities ahead. Implementing innovative technologies, such as new types of propulsion or the autonomisation of equipment, is a process that allows the entire industry to become more efficient and competitive, but requires proper knowledge.

Thanks to the experience of Endego’s specialists, companies have the opportunity to achieve greater productivity and reduce costs, which translates directly into competitiveness on the market.

If you want to discover how we can innovate for your business, contact us today!

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