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Steering Into the Future with Nexteer Automotive.

Embark on an electrifying journey with us into the high-tech world of Nexteer Automotive, a leading global technological powerhouse, dedicated to pioneering the evolution of adaptive steering systems. Nexteer fervently ensures our future mobility is not only safeguarded but also thrilling and ecologically responsible.

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Through an impressive alliance with Endego and armed with the formidable capabilities of Altair’s cutting-edge software solutions, Nexteer has illuminated the path of innovation in the mobility sphere. This visionary corporation addresses crucial megatrends, such as electrification, software/communications integration, ADAS/automated driving, and shared mobility, serving a wide array of global customers, which includes prominent names like BMW, Ford, and Toyota.

A Glimpse of What’s Inside the Video:

  • Take a profound journey into the workings of EPS (Electronic Power Stream) power steering systems and become acquainted with Nexteer’s groundbreaking Steer by Wire and Driveline products.
  • Witness the pivotal role Altair software plays in Nexteer’s static and dynamic simulations, which also encompasses injection moulding simulations via the sophisticated Inspire Mold software.
  • Unmask the essence of their system – an assembly of the motor with the controller, which includes precisely chosen and engineered microprocessors, gate drivers, and power supply, meticulously brought to life by Nexteer’s adept engineers.
  • Grasp how Altair HyperWorks software smoothens the transition from product idea generation to actual production, guaranteeing impeccable pre and post-processing.

Endowed by Endego’s exceptional engineering services and Altair’s powerful software, Nexteer isn’t just producing products for the present. They’re sculpting the technology that will dictate the dynamics of our future roadways in the subsequent 5, 10, 15 years. The unseen spirit of their product dwells in embedded systems and software, conjuring advanced algorithms, and performing rigorous thermal, electromagnetic, and signal analyses to ensure unparalleled product dependability.

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