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Designing Electric Cars and Ensuring Their Safety

Electric cars still raise safety concerns. However, operating well-designed and manufactured battery electric vehicles (BEVs) is more accessible than gasoline or hybrid cars.

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Supersonic travel for everyone

NASA intends to break the sound barrier in a new way that is free of the negative effect of the sonic boom. If successful, this would pave the way for the return of faster-than-sound passenger planes.

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New faces and old friends – collaborations with BOS and Varroc

Although the rebranding process certainly kept us busy over the last few months, it most definitely wasn’t the only one. We’re always up for a new challenge and on the lookout for new opportunities to make some noise. Sometimes it’s a new collaboration – e.g. with BOS – but it can also mean starting a new chapter with a long-standing partner and that’s where Varroc comes into play.

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