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Car manufacturers’ 5 most significant problems – 1 solution: nearshoring

Nowadays, car manufacturing is increasingly complex, forcing manufacturers and component suppliers to look for new solutions. One of these is nearshoring.

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The lucky thirteenth – PWR Racing Team’s premier car – RT13e

The PWR Racing Team constructors have unveiled their thirteenth Formula Student class car. The vehicle uses electric propulsion and autonomous driving systems. It will soon be possible to see if the improvements made this year will allow it to repeat its racing successes.

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What will the future of the automotive industry look like?

The automotive industry is one of the fastest-evolving industries. New business models, automation, digitalization, and the development of new technologies – the industry is undergoing revolutionary changes. What can we expect in the automotive sector shortly?

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Will Formula 1 switch to electromobility?

The roar of motors, top drivers, dizzying speed. Formula 1 has been called the queen of motorsport for years. Will it retain this title in the electromobility world? Or will the electric car racing series: Formula E, take over it?

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Autonomous cars – what they are and do we have anything to fear

Vehicles that move on the road without human intervention gradually enter our lives. What benefits and risks could arise from their widespread use? Do we have anything to fear?

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A car that cleans the air

Every winter, smog, and discussions about its negative impact on health appear, as is the case every year. Scientists identify car transportation as one of the leading causes of smog in cities. But what if cars, instead of polluting, cleaned the air?

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Designing Electric Cars and Ensuring Their Safety

Electric cars still raise safety concerns. However, operating well-designed and manufactured battery electric vehicles (BEVs) is more accessible than gasoline or hybrid cars.

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Supersonic travel for everyone

NASA intends to break the sound barrier in a new way that is free of the negative effect of the sonic boom. If successful, this would pave the way for the return of faster-than-sound passenger planes.

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New faces and old friends – collaborations with BOS and Varroc

Although the rebranding process certainly kept us busy over the last few months, it most definitely wasn’t the only one. We’re always up for a new challenge and on the lookout for new opportunities to make some noise. Sometimes it’s a new collaboration – e.g. with BOS – but it can also mean starting a new chapter with a long-standing partner and that’s where Varroc comes into play.

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