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Discover the forefront of engineering advancements with expert commentaries and analyses by Endego’s seasoned professionals. Delve into subjects from automotive intricacies and cybersecurity challenges to sustainable innovations and design frontiers. Stay informed, stay inspired — explore with us.

Trends in bus design: shaping the future of urban mobility

Bus design is changing dynamically, driven not only by technological requirements but also by the growing demand for sustainable, comfortable, and innovative modes of transport.

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How Endego is designing the railways of the future

Thanks to its extensive experience in the design of rail vehicles, its collaboration with innovative manufacturers in the rail industry, and its extensive know-how and extensive technological facilities, Endego is already in a position to create the rail vehicles of the future.

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Challenges in rail vehicle design

Railways play an important role in public and freight transport around the world. As a constantly evolving sector, it is adapting to changing challenges and needs. These affect the design of rail vehicles and increasing durability, comfort, and safety.

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Car spoilers – what are they, what are they for, and how are they designed?

Car spoilers are commonly associated primarily with elements that are intended to add a striking, sporty character to the vehicle body. However, many people are unaware of other important functions spoilers have on a car, treating them merely as decoration to match the car’s appearance to the driver’s preferences… If you would like to learn about the benefits of car spoilers, what materials they are made of, and the process of designing them, we invite you to read our article!

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Cybersecurity in the automotive industry: protection against the invisible threat

Today, with technology advancing at a dizzying pace, cars have become more advanced than ever before. Progress also brings new challenges. One of the industry’s most pressing concerns is cybersecurity.

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How to jump into the burgeoning single-track electric market?

Although the first thing that comes to mind when hearing the phrase ‘electrics’ is cars, it appears that emission-free power technologies are also gaining popularity among manufacturers and users of two-wheelers. What will be the main success factor in this market?

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Aerodynamics: key aspects of automotive exterior design

The exterior elements of a car, such as the bumpers, sills, or spoilers, play a key role in shaping the vehicle’s appearance. They are what we focus our attention on when we are first confronted with a particular car model.

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Hydrogen: The Fuel of the Future

Due to the drive to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the fight against climate change, hydrogen is emerging as a promising alternative fuel for transport. What are its advantages and disadvantages? What challenges does its use present?

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Automatization production lines: a new era of efficiency and innovation in industry

In an era of rapidly increasing pressure for cost efficiency in industry, automatic production lines are becoming a key element of technological transformation in the field of goods manufacturing.

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